Next stop: Parcheesi


Do you remember where you have stored the parcheesi board of your childhood?

Does it sound familiar to you that you moved your parcheesi board during your life, everytime you moved into a new house or flat, just in case one day you get unexpected visit from a someone with a child and it gets bored?

Now you can get rid of it, as soon as you have found out where your townhall has installed an ABAX parcheesi table for outdoors.

And by the way: Did you know that the game was originally called "patcheesi", which was feared to interfere with "Pot cheese" so the name got ajusted.

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by Daniela Abelein, Founder of ABAX International

Business is only good business when the profit motive is linked to a broader social concern and a wish for the well-being of the greatest number of individuals possible. Benefits that are one-dimensional have a short lifespan because there is no long-term commitment to making something, creating something that has widespread appeal.

Since ABAX was founded five years ago when I was living in Spain, I have tried to build an enterprise around the idea that games strengthen not only one’s mind and reflexes but also one’s values, friendships, and understanding regardless of age, race and skills.

Games and the unique perspective they engender are a universal phenomenon whose effect and influence is the same, independent of where you are.

ABAX is a small owned-and-operated company which aims to bring to Germany the same high-quality outdoor games that were its identifiable signature in its previous phase.

Leading our finely-crafted product line is the outdoor ping pong table, known for its smart and sleek appearance as well as its excellence and durability. This table (see photos) was selected by the International Olympic Committee for use in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics and presently dots the Spanish landscape everywhere with its presence in parks, public schools, housing developments, youth centers, correctional facilities and even, nursing homes.

Complementing this immensely popular table game is our outdoor chess table which can seat two or four players in the standardized double version and may be adapted to accommodate handicapped players if necessary. This table, too, has a glossy finish that is elegant and functional, enduring all types of inclement weather and is vandal proof.

Next in line is our outdoor backgammon table, a pleasurable form of entertainment that dates back to the ancient Egyptians and Mesopotamia and is considered to be the pioneer of modern table games. Like its sister games, this table is sturdy, resistant and exhibits the brilliant luster that characterizes all of our outdoor table games.

Rounding out ABAX’s imaginative players carousel are outdoor Parcheesi, outdoor Goose Game and outdoor Sudoku tables. So you see, irrespective of who you are, how old you are or where you’re from, there is something at ABAX for everyone.





What’s new this spring?


ABAX is up to facing the challenge of transforming Germany’s outdoor table games. Why? That’s an easy one: We believe Germans everywhere have earned the right to have fun in open spaces in a way that keeps pace with the high technical standards achieved in other fields.

Our aim is to remove those old-fashioned, cement ping-pong tables you still find in school yards and replace them with quality, smart-looking tables that guarantee fun and durability.

Soon we will provide you with news of upcoming events involving ABAX ping pong tables via Facebook so you, your family and friends can play and discover what you’ve been missing.

Enjoy the good weather and write us to learn more about ABAX’s new tables this spring!



Many of our customers know that ABAX INTERNATIONAL makes one of the finest and fun outdoor table games in the market -- BACKGAMMON. What they don't know is the game's history or its rules, so we thought we would share a little bit of both with you.


Backgammon is believed to begun in Mesopotamia in the Persian empire or what is known today as Iran, Iraq, and Syria. It is the oldest known recorded board game in history. Backgammon game was typically played on surfaces such as wood, using stones as markers, and dice made from bones, stones, wood or pottery and it can be traced back thousands of years BC to boardgames played by the Egyptians, Sumerians, Romans, and Persians.

How is Backgammon Played?

Backgammon is a simple game but to play it you need the following items:

  • A backgammon board
  • Fifteen white and fifteen black checkers
  • A pair of two regular dice.

This is a game that only two can play (unless you want to pair up, but even then it is like only two players are playing.)

Who Starts?

If it is the first game between the two players, then this is something that has to be decided by the roll of the dice. Each player picks up one dice and rolls it. Whoever gets the highest number begins. If the numbers match, the players pick up the dice and throw it again.

If the game is not the first game between the two players, then the chance to begin first automatically goes to whoever won the previous game.

How Do You Move the Checkers?

Remember that each player selects one colour and the movement of one player is contradictory to the other since each player's house is opposite to the other's. A house is where you have to try to get all your checkers in and it is generally the left or right part of the board facing you. Note that the houses face each other and are not diagonal to each other.

  1. When the first player rolls his dice, he then picks on or two (or more if he has received a double such as six-six, four-four) checkers and moves them towards his home base. He can only move to a space that is either open, occupied by at least one of his other checkers or by only one of his opponent's checkers. If he lands on his opponent's checkers, he displaces it out of the game. (The opponent then has to first get his displaced checker back in the game before moving any other checker.)

That's it!

The basic movement of backgammon is so simple! It is a battle of wits, strategy and luck, and you have to try and get all your checkers to home base so that you can then move them off the board before your opponent does the same.

So, if you're ready to play and learn more about how to order your own ABAX INTERNATIONAL outdoor backgammon table game, write us at or call 00 34 943 05 88 40 today!