Chess Table

Abax chess tables offer what you need most in chess: advantage and position. Whether you are a grand master or planning to become one, Abax chess tables will help you discover why the game of chess is one of the most popular board games worldwide. Abax table designs are elegant yet functional. All surfaces are made with a touch-friendly, polyester/fiberglass board, which make your next move a pleasurable experience.

Since chess is a game you need patience for, Abax designed a table where you can sit as long as necessary and think of what to do next.

Abax chess tables are also available in a standardized double version, with two boards merging into one.


2 seats

Matrial description

Gel-coat, polyester resin, fiberglass, coremat, metal frame covered with fiberglass and polyester resin.
Metal, welded, galvanized, varnished.
Seats: Hardwood, surface sealed.

External measurements

Board: 70 x 70 cm
Support frame: 150 x 70 x 75 cm
Weight: 50 kilos
Volume: 0,89 m3

Set up recomendations:

Total measurements to use: 2,5 x 1,5 m
Anchorage to the ground: 4 screws
Seating plan can be provided.