About us


All ABAX product manufacturers must satisfy a certain criteria. We look for collaborators who place a premium on creativity, ingenuity, originality, and are daring and willing to think outside the box. In the past year, we‘ve had the good fortune and pleasure of working with some of Europe’s leading professionals in the outdoor table games, urban fixtures, motor skills parks and urban lighting industries.

A brief profile of ABAX and some of its collaborators follows:

  • ABAX. With over two decades providing professional and personal service to town halls, universities, high schools, penitentiary centers, summer camps, ABAX has developed a reputation for making tables that last and customers love. We don’t mind being a small company with few products in our portfolio; in fact, we see this as the main reason we are able to offer consistent quality and responsive, reliable service to all our customers.
  • OIKOANAPTIXIAKI, a Thessaloniki-based enterprise, which for 20 years has been at the top of its game designing, manufacturing and trading products for urban lighting and furnishing. Words do not do justice to the innovative quality of their street light designs, so why not take a moment, check out the photos and judge for yourself.


  • YOR


ABAX has long recognized the decisive role played by DISTRIBUTORS in its continuing expansion and growth.


Dynamic and enthusiastic companies which can hit the ground running, know how to track down and capture new customers, understand the importance of selling in a professional and personal manner, will get behind our products wholeheartedly.


Offer a superior product line, one of the finest in the current market, and the necessary technical support to ensure that each customer’s needs are individually satisfied throughout the various stages of initial contact, delivery and installation. Ongoing follow-up is done to confirm that this level of satisfaction continues always.


Promote those DISTRIBUTORS who collaborate with us in order to create a higher profile and visibility for them in exchange for the work they do on our behalf. We keep this promise by including a description and link to DISTRIBUTORS on our web site as well as talking up their role in our exciting joint venture at trade fairs, town hall meetings and company literature.

At ABAX, we believe that one hand washes the other. After all, a happy distributor is one who works independently but at the same time interdependently, knowing that behind it is an organization that cares not only about its customers but also about its direct representatives in each market.

If you would like to join the ABAX family as a DISTRIBUTOR, please write us at info@abax.biz or call (00 49) 9836 222 or (00 34) 634 532 306.