Q. How can my company place an order?

A. We request that you place your order in writing. Upon receipt of the order, ABAX will forward to your company a delivery date and a pro forma invoice which includes our bank details so that a money transfer can be made. Once the transfer is received, ABAX will release all the products ordered for delivery.

Q. How long will it take to receive my order?

A. If you are ordering from Spain, normally 10 days or less. Rest of Europe or other countries, please ask.

Q. What is the standard payment procedure?

A. Payment is required in advance by bank transfer. Other terms can be agreed on request.

Q. What are the delivery costs for my order?

A. We quote transport costs usually in quotations.


Q. How durable are ABAX outdoor table games?

A. Very. As we like to say, our anti-vandalism tables last and last and last. All tables come equipped with glossy polyester and fiberglass surfaces, a sturdy, thermoplastic finish and anti-corrosive supports, distinguishing our tables from any other in the market. Currently, the price/quality ratio is the best there is.

Q. Are ABAX’s outdoor table games easy to install?

A. Very easy, installing outdoor table games is self-evident. However, in the event a customer has a problem installing a table, ABAX will install the table at an additional charge.

Q. How many players can play on ABAX outdoor table games?

A. All our games are suitable for 2 – 4 players and can be equipped to accommodate the handicapped.


Q. Are ABAX products expensive?

A. All ABAX products are of the highest quality. You get what you pay for, no question. ABAX products are manufactured to last, so in the end, what may seem at first like an above-average cost, really is an above-average saving. Our tables are designed to withstand all types of climactic changes and a big fun factor in addition.

Q. Does my school/park/youth/senior citizen center really need outdoor table games?

A. Each institution has different needs and requirements. Ping pong may be for the more young and agile, while chess, Parcheesi and Sudoku may be just the solution for more sedentary types. In any case, outdoor table games promote camaraderie, thus facilitating harmony and integration among players of different backgrounds.

Q. We are always in the middle of an economic crisis somewhere in the world or so it seems. Who has money for table games?

A. There’s no question times are tough, but according to one axiom: this is when the tough get going. For instance, a summer camp with a healthy assortment of recreational facilities is always going to create better word-of-mouth than one which lacks them. Besides, it’s one additional attraction that an institution can offer visitors to its website.