Daisy Lamp

The luminaire has a total height of 4 meters or so. All metal parts of the luminaire are hot dip galvanized and electrostatically polyester powder coated. The pole has one to three arms bearing a daisy-shaped light fixture each, with a 70W high pressure sodium (Na) or metal halide (HQI) lamp. The light fixture is made from polycarbonate.

Technical specification

Diameter: 680mm
Height: 400mm
Weight: 4.7 kgr

Degree of protection against impact: IK 10
Degree of protection against access to hazardous parts and solid foreign objects as well as the protection against ingress of water is IP64 for both the area of the lamp and the ignition area.

The electrical class of insulation of the lamp is I.
The light fixture has a porcelain lamp holder type E27, control gear for 70 Watt high pressure sodium (Na) or metal halide (HQI) lamp, cut off reflector.